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April 15, 2012
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The wages of sin is DEATH,all of anchients know of these words therefore all biengs of the world must repent to not fear their death,for those who die in the darkness are eternally damned,but their were those who didnt care to be damned,they just lusted to be seperate from the light,they wanted to show they were different,stronger,even better than those of the light and to make everyone eyes open to the darkness of sin.Witch,the man who was closest to the dark,called upon the dark spirit Evil,translated in the new language as Lucifere Lord of the Demons,a self proclaimed god,opposed to the almighty one,asked for him buy his soul and posses him so that he will make everyone one with the dark,and for his own selfish ambitouns did what he asked,Witches soul was imetiadley cast into the abyss and he forever now regrets his decision.As the devils soul took hold of the body the blood turned from clear to black,he cut himself and polluted the water,it quickly spread and turned BLACK,BLACK as night along with an alluring tempting scent that made it impossible not to taste.He started a rebellion saying whoever drinks this water will cheat death,and people believed,only a small group of people questioned him and motives with this water asking"why do you wish to grant us a way out of death"and each person who asked was killed on the spot"Let this be a lesson to all who question me,the people who were still sane came to the Almighty one pleading for his help he was greatly disspointed to hear that his people were for this rouse.He took a nail and drove it thru both his hands and let out a terrofying scream,his people watched in horror as he poured his blood into a cup,those who drink of my blood will be given eternal life but they must truly accept me as their king first.all of them stood speaking among themselves asking each other should they really drink his blood,it had all sounded crazy to them,all were speaking,except for a young boy who just walked to the glass and drank from it,putting it down he said to the king im sorry I didnt leave some for anyone else,I just trusted you enough to know you had good intentions.The king smiled at the boy and the boy smiled back,but a few moments after he started koffing and turned pale he fell to the floor lifeless,the crowd screamed at the boys death,his father ran to him,but the king stopped him,"wait"!He said.And as he said it color returned to his sons face and he stood up perfectly fine but he seemed different,like he was at ease.people stood in shock at the ressurected boy."This man has had the most faith in me out of all of you."A young girl interrupted."He's not a man!"The king turned back to the boy."How old are you?"He asked."Im thirteen."The king smiled."In my eyes you are already a man."He turned back to the crowd."This man will be your deliverer,he will defeat Witch and slay him with his own hands and disperse the poisained water from the world!"The man looked at the king."But sire,how,how will I,I dont have the strenth or power,how do you exspect me to slay Witch?"The king looked at him."Did you not drink the cup till it was empty!?"The king complained."Did you not risk death to show me you had faith in me!?"There was an earthquake and wind blowed strongly thru the chamber,people and servants took cover."Who freed you from deaths grasp,was it not I,NOW GO!!!"The man was blown back and struck the corner of the room,he took shelter there curling into a ball crying.The king walked towards him and gave him a hug."Oh Richard,why do you not see what I see in you?"He spoke softly,he pulled a pocketwatch and a knife from his pocket and gave it to him."Take these,with them,you shall do my wonders."The eirie light from the sudden storm turned to a beutiful glow that now engulfed Richard.He moved on to defeating Witch and the BLACKwater.He wasent able to stop the water from spreading to much thru the water supply,so Richard was forced to seperate the part of the world that was diseased,but doing so seperated other parts of the world and scatterd them across the universe,The almighty one was not afraid even the sleightist,for he knew no matter how far his people were,they were not lost to him.And thus the battle between Heaven and Hell began.Witch will be defeated at the hands of a decendent of the deliverer.
How was this? Is it good enough to continue?
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